5 Reasons Dad Wants To Go Axe Throwing On Father’s Day

5 Reasons Dad Wants To Go Axe Throwing On Father’s Day

Just like every other year, you may find yourself at a loss on how to celebrate the father figure in your life this Father’s Day. After all, it’s hard enough to shop for the guy who has everything, let alone find something he would genuinely enjoy!

Here’s the thing – dads aren’t that hard to figure out. We’ve seen countless relationships strengthen at our axe throwing lounges over the years, which brings us to our point: axe throwing is the ultimate Father’s Day experience!

Why? Because the person who taught you how to throw a baseball and ride a bike deserves so much more than a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug. Still not convinced? Read on to learn the top five reasons your dad would love to go axe throwing on Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Gift? Check!

Just like there are a ton of reasons as to why you should take your dad axe throwing, there are a million reasons he wants to experience it:

To Get Out Of The House & Try Something New

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Treating dad to one of our two Columbus-based axe throwing lounges comes with professional training from our staff. If you’re the kind of person who likes to know what to expect at every turn, you can get a full breakdown for first time axe throwers. Having the opportunity to learn a new skill alongside your old man will become a lifelong memory you’ll both reminisce about for years to come.

To Enjoy His Favorite Beverage In a Lounge Atmosphere

Let’s face it – you’ve probably put your parents through the ringer at some point in your life. Let dad relax and enjoy some friendly competition paired with his favorite beverage. Depending on which Dueling Axes location you plan to visit, be sure to read up on our food/alcohol policies to make sure you’re fully prepared!

To Show You He’s Still #1 At Everything He Does

Even if you let him win, he doesn’t need to know. When checking in for your axe throwing reservation, ask your trainer what games are best for beginners so everyone can play along and have some wholesome, unorthodox fun!

To Be Cool Enough To Hang With His Kids

On Father’s Day, dad is the main character. This is the one day a year he’s finally cool enough to hang with his kids. Don’t worry – you and your siblings can still poke fun and roast the guest of honor. He’ll just be thankful to watch his kids be active and have fun in the process!

To Spend Quality Time With The Family

While he may not show it, your dad enjoys having everyone together. Use Father’s Day to gather the spread out children and grandchildren to spend quality time together making new memories. This means more to him than you’ll ever know.

The Best Father’s Day Gift: Axe Throwing

Dads don’t ask for a lot. As you ideate with your siblings and friends to find the perfect Father’s Day gift, don’t forget to factor in axe throwing! No matter what skill level everyone is at, we make it easy and fun with step-by-step training. Get your dad out of the house and spend quality time with the people he loves the most. If you’re unsure of which axe throwing lounge is ideal for your family we can help! Simply contact us today to learn about both our Downtown and New Albany locations.

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