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Axe Throwing as a Special Event or Night Out Idea

Why Dueling Axes axe throwing? We think it’s the most satisfying and social day or night out in Columbus or New Albany you’ll ever have, and we’ve tried a few. Dueling Axes is the perfect venue to host your next group event or celebrate your next occasion.

Cosmic Axes & Knives By Dueling Axes Columbus

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – all day – your Dueling Axes reservation will get a full cosmic throwing experience. Join us with Blacklights, Specialty Booze, Funky Music, and Cosmic Cocktails to send axe throwing out of this world! Now throwing UV reactive knives and axes!

Corporate Team-Building

When you visit Dueling Axes for a company team-building activity, you’ll be hurling axes down range side-by-side against your friends and colleagues, hitting bullseyes, competing for bragging rights, and cheering on those you’re with. It’s all backed up with a lounge atmosphere, full-service bar, great music and a chance to socialize between throws.

Bachelor/ette Parties

We go above and beyond for guests who come in on special occasions, and bachelor/ette parties are some of the most special occasions there are. Our reservation software makes it easy to coordinate even the most difficult-to-wrangle groups of people (not that we’re judging!), and our Axe Arcade scoring system makes it possible to keep score without difficulty. And, of course, our full-service bar will help keep your entire group in good spirits.

Birthday Parties

The person celebrating their birthday may be the center of attention, but at Dueling Axes, you can be assured that no one in your group will be left out. Your personal server and coach will guide you through everything you need to know, then stick around to offer any help your group members may need. We go above and beyond to be certain that everyone is having a great time – and getting kudos for every bullseye!


Celebrate your anniversary with Dueling Axes for a unique activity you’ll remember for years to come. Our fenced lanes, on which we’ll never pair you up with strangers, offer privacy for just you and your significant other, and our comfortable lounge offers drink specials and entertainment if you want to stick around after your reservation.

Family Outings

Perfect for a unique, multi-generational family outing that everyone will remember. At our family-friendly venue, your kids will instantly become the coolest kids in school, parents will increase their cool factor 10 fold, and Grandpa will continue his reign as family patriarch – but watch out for Grandma the ringer. And don’t forget, minors 16 years and younger throw for a discount!


From Buckeye football and NFL games to the World Series and World Cup, we offer a top-notch environment for keeping entertained while watching the game. Safety is our No. 1 priority at Dueling Axes, and our scoring system keeps track of everything, so you can keep your attention focused on the big game and your big game.

Ladies' Night

Bring your core group even closer together by bringing your next girls’ night to Dueling Axes. We have multiple game types to keep you entertained, plenty of space to watch your ladies when it isn’t your turn, and a full-service bar with all the beer, wine and craft cocktails you could ever need.


Dueling Axes makes a fantastic venue for a fundraiser. Thanks to our unique Axe Arcade scoring system, it’s simple keep track of everyone’s score, and our reservation software makes it a snap to put your entire group together. Don’t forget, we’ll open our doors outside of normal business hours for large groups.


A graduation party is all about encouragement – and, wouldn’t you know it, so are we! Whether it’s a small group of close friends or a large group of well-wishers, we can accommodate you at our Dueling Axes lounges. And each group gets its own personal server and coach, who’ll help you work out any issues with your throws and sing your praises with every successful toss.

Seasonal Events

We offer special deals and themed nights all year ’round for every special day you could ever think of. St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, New Year’s Eve and the list goes on. Check back when there’s a holiday around the corner and find out what we’ve got going on.

Our Locations

Each of our locations is a little different, so be sure to check for details. Our Downtown Columbus axe throwing lounge and our New Albany axe throwing lounge have full-service bars and are outside-food friendly. Our Las Vegas axe throwing lounge, located inside of AREA15, has a full service bar and allows any food items to be brought in from other venues inside of AREA15.

Start Throwing

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