First Time Axe Throwing? Here’s What To Expect

First Time Axe Throwing? Here’s What To Expect

You’re looking for something to do in Columbus – but you’re not settling for anything less than unorthodox. You’ve seen it all, done it all, and quite frankly want to experience something new for the first time. And to that we say: axe throwing.

Yes, throwing axes. Dueling Axes has not one but two locations in Columbus. No matter if you’re heading Downtown or closer to New Albany, we have a lane with your name on it! Our staff makes you feel right at home. We give you a rundown on safety protocol (because you know… Axes) and talk through any questions you may have before your reservation begins!

But if you’re like us and like to have a game plan in place, keep reading for the full breakdown on what to expect when axe throwing for the first time.

SYSK: Axe Throwing Edition

Take Advantage Of Online Reservations

Making your axe throwing experience a breeze is our main objective. Each Dueling Axes location offers online reservations to make your life easier. We also encourage planning ahead and making a reservation to ensure you get the time slot and timeframe that works best for you and your crew!

Arrive Early

You know the saying: safety first. Be sure to arrive early so our staff can properly educate you on both safety and technique training before your reservation starts. This means you get to enjoy your full reservation window and play as many games as possible! Once you arrive, we’ll walk you to your lane and run through safety protocols before the fun begins. Each lane has its own tablet to keep track of everyone’s score plus a list of axe throwing games to keep things interesting.

Stay True To Your Crew

Speaking of a crew – we’ll never pair you with people you don’t know. Strangers will, quite literally, stay in their lane and you’ll stay in yours. Up to six people are assigned to a lane, but we’ll NEVER add randoms to your party. Scouts honor.

Food & Drinks

Fuel your experience with a little grub! Each of our urban axe throwing locations takes a different approach to food and alcohol:

Downtown Columbus

Keep in mind our Downtown Columbus lounge has a full-service bar as of June 2023. You’re also welcome to order food from any of the neighboring restaurants and they’ll deliver directly to your lane! Did we mention free delivery? Each lane has its own seating, so you can eat, drink, and be merry with family and friends in between throws.

New Albany

Maybe New Albany is a little closer to your neck of the woods. This axe throwing lounge is nestled in The Plaza at Hamilton Quarter in the New Albany/Gahanna area. Complete with a full service bar, you can enjoy our monthly drink specials or come up with a cocktail of your own! This location is also outside-food friendly so feel free to bring your own or order delivery right to your lane.

Quick Axe Throwing Tips For Beginners

You have your crew, your lane, plus quality drinks and grub. Now it’s time to shoot your shot at axe throwing! Don’t worry, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1

With your dominant hand on top, grip the base of the axe handle firmly with both hands. Don’t squeeze!

Step 2

Point the blade of the axe towards your target. Then raise the axe over and behind your head. Lean back on your dominant foot.

Step 3

Step forward with your non-dominant foot. Bring your arms forward in a throwing motion. Then, with your arms extended forward, release the axe towards the target keeping your wrists in line with your forearms.

Need a visual? We get it. Check out our axe throwing demonstration below.

Ready, Set, Throw!

Urban axe throwing is the perfect adventure if you’re looking for something new and exciting to do with friends or family. With two Columbus locations, you can conveniently reserve and travel to one of our axe throwing lounges and take a walk on the wild side. Remember to plan ahead with online reservations and arrive early to learn safety protocols. Depending on which location you’re traveling to, don’t forget to pick up (or order in) your food and drinks!

Now that you’re fully prepared to throw an axe for the first time all that’s left to do is reserve your lane! Book online here or call us directly at 614-221-1600 for additional questions. Happy axe throwing!