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Lilly was informational and helped us. We came as a couple duel as first timer, and she did a great job giving us instruction and critiques us to be/get better. She made us feel relaxed and we had fun. Definitely recommend this to couples and big groups!

- Aleson Xiong

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Simone was great. I was struggling to properly throw it. They coached me through it and instruct it that just throw from a position that feels comfortable (which was way looser than shown). And I went from not hitting the board to hitting a target almost every time. They checked on us multiple times and seemed like they enjoyed that we were there. I don’t remember the bartenders name but he was sweet and warm. He showed me a new way to take shots. Also the music was excellent.

- Alycia Leftwich

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Had to work event here with 18 people. They provided training before we used things and everyone had a good time. They worked hard to accommodate us and make sure we were doing well. Highly recommended if you’re looking for something to do. Shout out to Dan. Good job man

- Andrew Pitonyak

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Went to dinner for my birthday and decided to also go to Dueling Axes. So glad we did. We had a blast. Joey and Grant were very friendly and helpful. Bonus…the drinks were amazing!! Great bartender. We will definitely be coming back.

- Courtney Craig

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Libby and Josh were extremely helpful and kind. They taught our group how to throw the axes successfully, explained all the games, and were always quick to answer any questions we had.

- Dan Jira

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Went here for a chill Saturday night. It was me and my girlfriends first time axe throwing and it was a great time. The 60 min went pretty fast but couldn’t imagine spending more than 90 min. Julie was very helpful in teaching us techniques. Most definitely will be coming back! Thank you guys!!

- Danny Wolfe

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“We have visited Dueling Axes twice and both times we had a blast! The staff are all very friendly and helpful.They offer technique suggestions that are very much appreciated. A warm, inviting environment filled with wonderful folks?”

- Deb Wellmes

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This place is amazing and so much fun! Best axe throwing experience ever. I came with boyfriend who was doing way better than me, but then the assistant manager Grant taught me how to hold the axe correctly and then I suddenly had perfect aim and beat my boyfriend in our last few games. This place is seriously so cool with a bar and axe throwing, such a great concept!

- Emma Hastings

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“I recently went to Dueling Axes with my fiance and we had the BEST time there! From the moment we walked in to the moment we left we had great customer service. The rules of the facility were explained really well including the types of games we could play. I felt like someone was there whenever I needed something or had a question. The staff added so much to an already super fun activity! I would highly recommend Dueling Axes – you’ll have a great time!”

- Harris Atha-Simonton

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I had an incredible time at Dueling Axes! Lilly was absolutely awesome, making sure we had a blast while keeping everything safe and enjoyable. Josh was also great. He knows how to make the drinks nice and strong, adding to the fun atmosphere. I can’t recommend this place enough for a fantastic night out!

- Hayden

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The Dueling Axes crew were amazing! Dan was our coach and was funny and knowledgeable. He started the night off with flair! Julie was both an amazing bartender and coach. This is certainly a place that all should visit when they are in Columbus. Definitely a great place for a team building event!

- Jacob Taylor

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Good time and great service from Dan! You should visit if you’re looking for a fun time with friends/family!

- Jesse Heinle

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The team at Dueling Axes is absolutely amazing. They are friendly and very helpful whether it’s your first time throwing or you’re an expert. The atmosphere really cool and inviting. They take safety seriously without making the session tense or uptight and have a smooth booking and waiver process. I’ve had my kids here as well and highly recommend for a night out or a work event!!!

- Justin Buren

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“Julie and Kiiya are the best 10/10. Clean spot, professional, good techniques training. Love this place!”

- Kayla Blanton

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“What wonderful staff. Taught my wife and I the technique, showed us some games and let us get to it. Great atmosphere and music with options to have food delivered. Place was busy when we got there and after we left but the staff was attentive to everyone and was always right there for anything from questions to calling out praise when people nailed a blue dot.”

- Matt Hanesworth

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“My fiancé and I came in for our anniversary – had such a blast! The set up is super high tech and the games are a lot of fun and easy to play/score. Highly recommend!”

- Mike Ludwig

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Great spot! Came here as a first-timer and our coach/ bartender Julie as well as here shadow (Corton I believe) was really helpful, taught us how to throw, humerous, and gave us a true 5 star experience! Grabbed a card to go as I’ll definitely come back for more!

- Paul Dillon

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“We had a corporate outing here. One of our best! Literally everyone can do it. We played a variety of games, which plays alot like darts. Fantastic day!

- Rodger Toon

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We went for a bachelorette party this weekend, we had an advance reservation. Our party was hosted by Kiiya who was a hoot and a joy! Thanks for a great time and good vibes. Would definitely go back!

- Stacie Klein

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Henry and Grant were amazing! We came right at open on a Friday and basically had the place to ourselves. It was an absolute blast and the guys helped us a ton. Drinks are amazing – highly recommend the peach mint mule. We didn’t try any food, so I can’t comment there. We’ve never tried axe throwing before and felt at ease learning and super confident by the end of our time, so we will absolutely be back with friends and family!

- Theresa Rice

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