How To Throw An Axe

How To Throw An Axe

If you’ve never thrown an axe before, the idea of doing so might sound scary, overwhelming, or even crazy. Believe it or not, there is a right (and wrong) way to throw! No matter if you’re entering competitive axe throwing territory or simply trying to sharpen your skill set, we’re here to brief you on the best tips, tricks, and methods on how to throw an axe safely, yet effectively.

Axe Throwing For Beginners

If you’ve never been axe throwing before, there are certain things you should note before you try it. There are safety precautions we take, as well as rules of thumb for holding and throwing an axe that will take you from amateur to professional in no time:

Safety First

Before diving into the right way to throw an axe, let’s discuss what not to do first. While axe throwing is super fun and enjoyable, it’s important that everyone is safe!

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

You never want to accidentally hit anything (or anyone) with your axe, so be sure to look around you before you throw anything! First and foremost, make sure that there is nothing between you and the target, but also be sure to make sure there is nothing beside you or too close behind you. You want to make sure to have about a six-foot radius around you before throwing. When you’re about to throw your axe it should only be you, your axe, and the target in the lane. This ensures the only thing you hit is the target.

Hold Your Axe With Intent

You know how we’re taught to treat every gun like it’s loaded? The same applies to axes (obviously).

There is never a need to pick up an axe if you’re not about to throw it. You don’t want to end up accidentally dropping it, fidgeting with it, or swinging it around. After all, using just about anything incorrectly that is sharp or heavy could result in injury, and we definitely don’t want that. Staying true to our safety guidelines ensures everyone has fun.

What You Should Do

Now that we’ve gotten through what not to do, it’s time to get into some tips and tricks that will have you hitting the bullseye every time. If you’re curious about what to expect for your first time axe throwing, you’ll be sure to find the breakdown below useful.

Axe Throwing 101

Your time has come. You step up to the lane and prepare to take your shot… So, now what?

  1. Grab the axe and grip the base with both hands, make sure your dominant hand is on top.
  2. With both hands still on the base, bring the axe above your head, like you’re throwing a soccer ball and lean back on your dominant foot.
  3. Step forward with your other foot and bring your arms forward in a throwing motion.
  4. Let go of your axe right at eye level and let it rip!

For The Advanced Throwers

It may not be your first rodeo, but there’s always room for improvement. For the more experienced axe throwers out there, switching from a two-handed throw to one-handed may be the challenge you’re looking for:

  1. Using your dominant hand, grab the base of the axe.
  2. Bring the axe back past your ear, making sure not to tilt it left or right.
  3. Follow through with throwing – use your might!

Want to see it in action? Check out our How To Throw An Axe video with Dueling Axes team member Dan A[a].

You’re Ready!

Your training is complete. Now all that’s left to do is grab your crew and head to one of our two Columbus-based axe throwing lounges! With locations in both Downtown and New Albany, we’re always close by if you’re in need of some outside-of-the-box fun. Thanks to these tips and tricks, you’re ready to show off your skills no matter if this is your first time or 100th.

We’ve Always Got You Covered

If you don’t remember everything that you learned in this article, no worries! When you come to Dueling Axes, our coaches will reiterate everything that you learned and give you a refresher. They’ll also show you the best way to throw an axe and give you their tips! So no matter what, your axe throwing experience with us will be safe and fun! Reserve your lane at a lounge near you before the books are full!