5 Axe Throwing Games To Spice Up Your Night

Top 5 Axe Throwing Games to Spice Up Your Night

Every time you’ve come to Dueling Axes for a good time, It’s been fun, but you’ve mastered the task of sticking to the target. What’s next? You need a game refresh.

Prepare to engage in some friendly competition, strategy, and new skill challenges with five different games to elevate your time at Dueling Axes. Whether it’s bullseyes you’re after or you’re just around for the cocktails, you’d be surprised what a fun twist to your axe throwing can bring out of you! Here’s our five favorite variations to play when we’re throwing.

Games For A Good Time

League Style

This format is the classic style of axe throwing you’ll be first taught when you visit Dueling Axes, and there’s a reason: it’s tried-and-true, fun, friendly competition! This game is perfect no matter your skill level with axe throwing, because an evenly-skilled opponent is all it takes to create a close-scoring game.

The game plays with two people each taking turns throwing 10 times on separate targets. After 5 throws each, they will switch targets and continue. To win, you’ll need to score points by hitting the rings of the target, the bullseye, or the tiny Killshot blue dot reserved for the 5th and 10th throw. The point values are:

  • Four rings, worth 1 to 4 points, largest to smallest ring
  • Bullseye, worth 6 points
  • Killshot, worth 8 points on 5th and 10th throw, and nothing on the others.
  • Outside the target, or axe fallen off of target, worth no points.

Only the axes stuck to the target count, and if an axe blade is stuck between rings, the higher point value is counted. At the end of the ten throws, the player with more points is crowned champion!

Tic Tac Toe

We’ve all played Tic Tac Toe growing up, but now your throwing skills are on the line to win! Using a target where the ring’s point value corresponds with placement on the classic tic-tac-toe board configuration (see example below), take turns throwing with another player, landing in unclaimed squares and marking them with your signal of choice: ‘X’ or ‘O.’ For example, if you throw a bullseye, place your “X” or “O” on the grid showing the 6. If you throw your axe and it lands in the “1” ring, mark your “X” or “O” in the space on the grid that has a “1”. You win the game when (you’ve guessed it) you’ve made three in a row on the target! If there’s a tie, each square on the board has a point value, in this configuration:
1 2 3
4 6 4
3 2 1
Whichever player has the highest single throw point value wins the tie.

First To 21

Try a little twist to League Style play with another points-based game: First to 21. Take turns throwing as if you’re playing cornhole: 3 throws per turn and record the points of each axe throw that stays stuck until the end of the turn. You win when your score reaches 21 points EXACTLY. If, at the end of a turn, you have over 21 points, you’ve busted! Reset your score to 13 and continue playing until exactly 21 is hit.

Bucket List

Tired of just trying to hit the bullseye? Accept a bigger challenge with Bucket List (similar to the classic darts game – Cricket). With three throws a turn, you and 2-4 other players try to complete your bucket list of items: sticking the axe in each ring’s point value, and the bullseye a total of three times for each number to close it out. Close out each number, and the bullseye to win! If that’s too easy, change the Bucket List to include hitting three Killshots and go for the ultimate challenge.

Magic Number

Accuracy on the throwing target takes a whole new level when you play Magic Number! In this game, each player throw 3 axes each round, during which a different target value exclusively counts for points: the first round, it’s the outermost ring, worth one, and the second, the next closest ring worth two counts. This goes on until you’ve played a round for every ring and the bullseye. After all rounds, the most points wins! You can also upgrade the difficulty by making only Killshots count!

Try A New Game At Dueling Axes!

Put your new game ideas into action this weekend on the throwing lanes! Try your favorite suggestion out by reserving a lane and grabbing some friends for some competition. Whether you’re aiming to conquer the League Style, strategize your way through Tic Tac Toe, race to be First to 21, check off your Bucket List, or navigate the rounds of Magic Number, Dueling Axes is your hangout for unforgettable moments. With a new way to throw axes and new drink specials all the time at our location bars, your weekend adventure is complete with us! Let us know what you think of these new games in person and lock in your lane reservation now.