Family Friendly Indoor Activities To Beat The Heat This Summer

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Family Friendly Indoor Activities To Beat The Heat This Summer

When we think of summer, we tend to think of backyard barbecues, pool parties, beaches, and really anything that lets us spend time in the sunshine. And while spending time outdoors does wonders, it’s not always feasible due to rainy days or needing to reapply sunscreen on the entire family every hour. Entertaining the kids often becomes the main focus of that quality time we so desperately want with our children, which is why parents need just as many options for family friendly indoor things to do as there are outdoor activities!

So buckle the kids in, hit the road, and prepare to have the best day ever – inside.

Indoor Things To Do The Whole Family Will Love

Finding indoor attractions that are kid-friendly can feel challenging as a parent. Keep these activities in mind as you plan that upcoming excursion:


Explore A Local Museum

Museums are a great place to visit as a family. Most have activities for kids to do – some even have entire exhibits tailored for children! Depending on where you decide to go, be sure to ask about pricing because kids tend to get in for free or at a discounted admission price!

Experience Axe Throwing

No matter if you’re trying to beat the heat in sunny Columbus or dip the blistering Strip in Vegas, taking the kids axe throwing is a must. Dueling Axes offers a safe, one of a kind axe throwing experience in both Columbus and Vegas! We take the time to go over safety best practices, as well as how to properly throw an axe to ensure everyone is educated before your reservation begins.

Go To The Movies

The good thing about taking the family to the movies is that it’s a lot less work to keep everyone entertained! Stock up on candy and popcorn so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. 

Indoor Putt Putt Golf

Indoor putt putt golf can be found pretty much anywhere if you know where to look! This family-friendly activity gets everyone up, moving, and making memories that’ll last a lifetime. Add a twist and look up glow putt putt courses to treat the kids to a blacklight course! 

Splash Around At An Indoor Water Park

If you’re an Ohioan, indoor water parks like Kalahari or Great Wolf’s Lodge make for a great time for adults and kids alike. With designated spaces for family, you can splash around in the pool or race down the waterslides.

Beat The Heat & Stay Inside!

The great outdoors aren’t always…. Well, great. There are plenty of indoor things to do and activities to explore when it comes to family friendly fun. No matter where you live, a simple online search of “indoor things to do near me” will provide you with a list of kid-approved ideas to get the wheels turning. Where will you end up?

5 Reasons Dad Wants To Go Axe Throwing On Father’s Day

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5 Reasons Dad Wants To Go Axe Throwing On Father’s Day

Just like every other year, you may find yourself at a loss on how to celebrate the father figure in your life this Father’s Day. After all, it’s hard enough to shop for the guy who has everything, let alone find something he would genuinely enjoy!

Here’s the thing – dads aren’t that hard to figure out. We’ve seen countless relationships strengthen at our axe throwing lounges over the years, which brings us to our point: axe throwing is the ultimate Father’s Day experience!

Why? Because the person who taught you how to throw a baseball and ride a bike deserves so much more than a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug. Still not convinced? Read on to learn the top five reasons your dad would love to go axe throwing on Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Gift? Check!

Just like there are a ton of reasons as to why you should take your dad axe throwing, there are a million reasons he wants to experience it:

To Get Out Of The House & Try Something New

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Treating dad to one of our two Columbus-based axe throwing lounges comes with professional training from our staff. If you’re the kind of person who likes to know what to expect at every turn, you can get a full breakdown for first time axe throwers. Having the opportunity to learn a new skill alongside your old man will become a lifelong memory you’ll both reminisce about for years to come.

To Enjoy His Favorite Beverage In a Lounge Atmosphere

Let’s face it – you’ve probably put your parents through the ringer at some point in your life. Let dad relax and enjoy some friendly competition paired with his favorite beverage. Depending on which Dueling Axes location you plan to visit, be sure to read up on our food/alcohol policies to make sure you’re fully prepared!

To Show You He’s Still #1 At Everything He Does

Even if you let him win, he doesn’t need to know. When checking in for your axe throwing reservation, ask your trainer what games are best for beginners so everyone can play along and have some wholesome, unorthodox fun!

To Be Cool Enough To Hang With His Kids

On Father’s Day, dad is the main character. This is the one day a year he’s finally cool enough to hang with his kids. Don’t worry – you and your siblings can still poke fun and roast the guest of honor. He’ll just be thankful to watch his kids be active and have fun in the process!

To Spend Quality Time With The Family

While he may not show it, your dad enjoys having everyone together. Use Father’s Day to gather the spread out children and grandchildren to spend quality time together making new memories. This means more to him than you’ll ever know.

The Best Father’s Day Gift: Axe Throwing

Dads don’t ask for a lot. As you ideate with your siblings and friends to find the perfect Father’s Day gift, don’t forget to factor in axe throwing! No matter what skill level everyone is at, we make it easy and fun with step-by-step training. Get your dad out of the house and spend quality time with the people he loves the most. If you’re unsure of which axe throwing lounge is ideal for your family we can help! Simply contact us today to learn about both our Downtown and New Albany locations.

Reserve Your Lane Online Today

Ready to book? Skip the wait and reserve your axe throwing lane online today!

Dueling Axes Expansion

Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Team Building In 2022

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Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Team Building In 2022

If you’ve ever participated in a group of any kind, you know the indisputable value of team chemistry. Most workplaces are navigating new territories as they transition to post-COVID 19 norms. This may look like one of three things: remain remote, hybrid work weeks, or a firm shift back to in-office life. No matter what path you decide to lead employees down – there’s no question that in-person team building is a must when solidifying a foundation of trust between individuals and across departments.

And while team building is ideal for any group, there’s a certain tact business leaders must keep top of mind when planning that upcoming excursion. But first, it’s important to know why team building is so effective no matter what industry or dynamic your organization operates within.

The Benefits Of Team Building Activities

What’s the deal with team building that earns it so much hype? For starters, taking the time to bring employees together outside of the workplace creates an opportunity to practice holistic teamwork. Team building exercises create a space where people can focus on learning how to come together as a team to reach a common goal. This is huge for productivity in the workplace. As people get to know fellow colleagues’ communication styles, barriers are broken down – making project execution much easier and sustainable.

Team building does a lot more for your culture than increasing productivity and chemistry. Incorporating routine activities reinforces the importance of having fun in the workplace. It shows your employees that objectives can still be achieved while having fun. After all, people want to work for a company that prioritizes a healthy culture and sees their employees as people and not merely means to an end. Not only will it keep your employees engaged, but motivated along the way!

Investing in team building is essential to help employees bond and discover team chemistry. Increasing their comfort levels with one another and various departments breaks down barriers and empowers employees to have fun while simultaneously coming together to reach goals. When businesses go out of their way to show their employees they see them as human beings and not dollar signs, they are able to attract and retain the best talent. It’s as simple as that!

When Does It Make Sense For You To Do Team Building?

The benefits of team building are undeniable, but when is the best time to have these events in the first place? 

If you’re researching what day of the week you should book your team building event on, our Columbus axe throwing lounges deem Wednesday as the best day. Why? Hump day, baby. So close to the weekend, but not quite Friday. This gives employees a little boost to get them through the next few days!

If you’re planning ahead and looking to hold a team building event in the upcoming months, keep reading. Summer is one of the best times of year for team building! When the sun is out and the temperature is high there’s nothing like having a cold beer and good company. Treat your employees to some fun and let them enjoy the summer weather for a little while, as opposed to sitting in the office staring at a computer screen. This alone does more for morale than you’ll ever know. 

With so many options to choose from, you can take the time to think outside of the box. The goal should be to get out of the office and have fun – and the results will naturally follow.

What Environments Work Best For Team Building?

If you Google, “team building in Columbus, Ohio”, you’ll get a million and one ideas or attractions. The main idea to keep in mind is that team building should give employees a fun mental health break. Day-to-day work stresses can take their toll on employees. The silver lining? Team leaders can use this as an opportunity to give employees a well-deserved break. 

To put this into action, first find a time for everyone to get out of the office. Activities like axe throwing, dodgeball, or simply taking a walk are the perfect way to help everyone disconnect from their jobs for a little while and channel their energy into something else. 

Dueling Axes: Add A Twist To Your Upcoming Team Building Activities

Your employees deserve more than a break room pizza party. Let them know your efforts are genuine by holding the next team building activity off site. Dare to be bold and book your upcoming event at one of our two Columbus axe throwing lounges. Dueling Axes is known for bringing groups together to bond over something new. We work with your team and show them the ropes on how to properly throw axes and expose hidden talents!

Companies need assurance that their team bonding event will happen rain or shine. Our space is big enough to host any group size – not to mention we welcome everyone to come as they are. Casual, dressed up, we’ve seen it all (even wedding gowns). We’ll work with you and recommend catering options, as well as what axe throwing games make the most sense for your workplace dynamic. In other words, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Psst… Never thrown an axe? No skills required. Our coaches provide safety training and one-on-one coaching for all throwers. Check out our How To Throw An Axe video.

Team Building Empowers Your Workplace One Employee At A Time

Encouraging your team to come together and try something new helps sustain a healthy workplace culture. Team building promotes trust and eliminates communication barriers that would otherwise hinder production. Leaders must recognize the benefits of team building and seek new ways to implement it between individuals and across various departments. 

In our experience, getting employees out of the office and away from their desks is one of the most effective ways to practice teamwork. Ditch the dated pizza parties and treat your crew to some old fashioned, in-person fun! All in all, Dueling Axes is here to give your team the experience of a lifetime with a little friendly competition. Trust us, they’ll still be talking about this for weeks to come – making you the office hero. 

Need some help booking your upcoming corporate team building event? Learn what to expect and explore special rates at Dueling Axes today!

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