10 Tips for Mastering Your Axe Throwing Technique

There are some people out there who instantly catch onto axe throwing (you know who you are). And let’s face it: there are some seasoned veterans that can’t seem to put enough good throws together to win anything. In either case, there’s always the elusive “next bullseye” or “next championship” waiting to be conquered! Are you ready to take it?

Axe Throwing Is About The Little Things

To master the perfect axe throwing technique, you’ll need to pay attention to the details. These ten secrets to a bullseye every time have helped countless league winners, weekender champions, and girls night out queens! 

1. Don’t Squeeze The Axe

One important point to remember is not to squeeze the axe handle too tightly. While it may seem natural to grip it firmly, a white-knuckled grip can actually hinder your accuracy. Instead, keep a relaxed, yet controlled hold on the axe. Think of it like a firm handshake rather than a death grip. This will allow for a smoother and more natural release, dropping the chances of over-rotating the axe and helping you hit the target perfectly.

2. Don’t “Choke Up”

While it might seem obvious to hold the axe closer to the head for more control, doing so can actually hurt your throws. Choking up on the handle limits the axe’s rotational freedom, making it more challenging to achieve the right spin and angle. To maximize your accuracy and power, slide your hand to the bottom of the handle, allowing the axe to spin naturally. This technique will enable you to harness the full potential of your throw and significantly increase your chances of nailing the bullseye.

3. Step With Your Non-Dominant Foot

One of the less obvious but highly effective tips for mastering your axe throwing technique is to step with your non-dominant foot. This action adds a dynamic element to your throw and helps with your balance. As you draw the axe back, step forward with your non-dominant foot to generate force and stay accurate. The controlled coordination between your step and the throw can make a significant difference in hitting your target.

4. Check Your Release Point

The release point of your throw is where the magic happens. Ensure your release is consistent and right at your eye level. This precise release point allows for a natural rotation and a better understanding of your trajectory.

5. Lock Down Your Wrist

To avoid any unnecessary wrist movement that can lead to inaccurate throws, lock down your wrist. A wobbly or tilted wrist can easily alter the axe’s trajectory. Keep your wrist stable and in line with your forearm as you release the axe for a smooth, controlled motion.

6. Check Your Rotations

The rotation of the axe is vital to ensuring it sticks into the target. Be mindful of the number of rotations your axe makes during flight. Generally, one full rotation (360 degrees) is ideal for achieving a solid stick in the target. You can adjust your throw strength and technique to achieve this optimal rotation and ensure a satisfying thud as the axe finds its mark.

7. Where’s Your Pullback?

Before every throw, remember to check your pullback. Make sure you’re drawing the axe straight back and not to the side. A consistent and straight pullback sets the foundation for a precise and controlled release. Keeping it straight minimizes variables and improves your accuracy.

8. There’s No Snap

Axe throwing is about finesse, not brute force. So, don’t try to “muscle” the axe into the target. There’s no need for a powerful snap or excessive force. Focus on a smooth, fluid motion that transfers energy from your body into the throw. It’s all about timing and technique rather than sheer strength.

9. Stay Stocked Up On Food

To perform at your best, make sure to eat well before your axe-throwing session, or order in food to Dueling Axes. A balanced meal will give you the energy and focus needed for accurate throws. Keep hydrated too, as it’s crucial for maintaining your concentration and stamina during your time on the throwing lanes.

10. Practice Makes Perfect At Dueling Axes

The most valuable tip for mastering your axe throwing technique is to practice, practice, and practice some more. Axe throwing is a skill that rewards dedication. The more you throw, the more you’ll refine your technique and build muscle memory. Whether you’re aiming for casual fun or serious competition, consistent practice is the key to unlocking your full potential, and a lane reservation is a great place to start. Grab friends, hit our bar for drinks and reserve a lane to refine your technique at Dueling Axes!