Team Building Benefits in the Time of COVID-19

Team Building Benefits in the Time of COVID-19

Zoom meetings. Virtual happy hours. Google Hangouts. Slack chat threads. Working from home and staying connected during self-isolation and quarantine has proven challenging, despite a wealth of ways to communicate online. Whether it’s following a quarantine or stay-at-home order, or just a long stretch since everyone has been in the office, it’s not too early to start planning your team’s next group outing. Here’s some ways that post-COVID team building activities can help bring your quaran-team together.

Strengthen Existing Bonds & Forge New ConnectionsGroup axe throwing

Maybe you’ve been missing your daily chats with your favorite cubicle-mates, or maybe there are team members you never knew very well, and now want to get to know. You may even be part of a team that works remotely most of the time; maybe you’ve never met a team member in person! Getting together in a relaxed, casual environment is great for fostering conversation, and if you’re taking on an activity that requires teamwork, you’ll have instant camaraderie with new folks as you work towards a common goal.

Boost Confidence & Improve Company Culture

Team building for remote workers that goes beyond the same old dinner and drinks gives employees an opportunity to face their fears or challenge themselves outside of the corporate setting. This, in turn, can help team members feel more confident and empowered. A happy team is a motivated team, making team building events well worth the investment. The type of team building event you host can also reinforce your company’s culture. An activity with a slight risk factor, or that involves physical activity, can send the message that employees should be adventurous, outgoing, and not afraid to take chances.

Bolster Team Morale

We’re all living through an unprecedented global event, and it’s easy for folks to feel isolated or disconnected from their routine and their team. Spending a little money to show your team that they’re appreciated can go a long way in improving morale. Instead of focusing solely on business, ditch the office talk and try to foster positive connections among group members. This can be done through games to engage the group, ice breakers and suggested conversation topics, or even team check-ins once you’re back in the office to reinforce the connections made during the team building event.

Team Members Will Have FUN Together!

 At the end of the day, your team building after COVID should be focused on fun. Dynamic activities can improve creativity, which can in turn help with problem-solving in the workplace. They can also facilitate healthy competition, allowing team members to collaborate for office bragging rights and a sense of pride. When you factor in weeks or even months of working from home and self-isolation, activities that get the blood pumping and people physically engaged can take your team building activity to the next level.

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Team Building Activities to Get Employees Engaged

Getting back to normalcy in the post-coronavirus world isn’t easy for anyone, but a strongly bonded team has an easier time making the transition. Taking on a challenging, yet fun, team building activity can show your team that you’re still working together for a common goal, and keeping a positive attitude while doing so. In our next installment, we’ll help you outline the top 5 things you should keep in mind when putting together your team’s next outing! And if you’re interested in booking your team’s post-isolation outing now, make an axe throwing reservation today!


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