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Will employees be required to wear a face mask?
Yes. All staff will be required to wear a face mask during their entire shift.

  • Only exceptions are when outside at least 6 feet away from other or when they are actively eating or drinking
  • Masks must be worn properly, covering both the nose and mouth and fitting securely but comfortably over the cheeks
  • Masks must allow the employee to be hands free, i.e. attached via loops or tied/wrapped around the face securely
  • Masks and face coverings must be made of a breathable material; no costume masks will be permitted
  • Failure of staff to comply with mask policy may result in dismissal from the shift or other disciplinary action by management

Will guests be required to wear a face mask?
Yes. We are abiding by all state face mask mandates and all guests will be required to have a face mask with them and abide by the following policies:

Guests will be expected to wear their masks at all times while in our facility, including the following situations:

  • At all times unless actively eating or drinking
  • At all times when in the Dueling Axes facility
  • During check-in or while standing at the check-in counter for any reason
  • During safety training and coaching sessions while a Dueling Axes employee is present
  • While Dueling Axes staff member returns to the throwing lanes to give coaching tips or other safety information
  • When a Dueling Axes staff member is interacting with any member of the group and that interaction is inside the groups reservation area, the entire party is expected to wear their mask during the interaction
  • When leaving their assigned throwing area, ideally whenever not seated or throwing

Exceptions include:

  • While seated and actively eating or drinking

What if I show up and don’t have a mask?
Guests who do not have a mask with them upon arrival, or a mask/face covering that does not meet our requirements may purchase one from the front counter.

Do masks need to worn in a specific way?

  • Masks are to be worn properly, covering both the nose and mouth and fitting securely but comfortably over the cheeks
  • Masks must allow the guest to be hands free, i.e. attached via loops or tied/wrapped around the face securely
  • Masks and face coverings are to be made of a breathable material; no costume masks will be permitted

What if I can’t wear a mask due to health reasons/concerns?
If guests are unable to safely wear a mask due to health concerns, they may contact the shop about alternate accommodations during slow or non-standard business hours

What happens if I don’t follow the face-mask-wearing policy?
Dueling Axes staff may take one or more of the following actions if guests are not complying with the face mask policy:

  • Staff may politely request that the guest or entire group put their face mask on before interacting closely with a single guest or group
  • Onsite managers may give verbal warnings if masks are not being worn or are being worn improperly
  • If after several verbal warnings, guests continue to not comply with the mask policy, the guest may be asked to leave the space

Will you have hand sanitizer available for customers? 
Absolutely. We have sourced locally produced hand sanitizer and will have it available at all throwing lanes and throughout the common areas.

Will you sanitize the lanes and axes between reservations? 
You bet your ass we will! We will be sanitizing and disinfecting all axes, tables, chairs, etc. between reservations and at the beginning and end of every shift. We’ll also be disinfecting common area spaces on the hour, including more frequent disinfecting of door knobs and other surfaces used regularly.

We’re even going to the lengths of providing designated training axes to our coaches so they wont be touching the equipment on your lane. Only you and the people in your group will touch the items in your throwing area.

Will check-in and payment options be touch free? 
Glad you asked. There will be a few changes regarding check-in to help keep everyone safe. First, we’ll be limiting only one person (or only the people in your group) at the check-in counter at a time. So when you show up for your reservation and someone else is at the check-in counter, please wait outside. Second, we’re instituting a touch-free check-in and payment procedure. Sorry for any inconvenience, but we will temporarily not be accepting cash payments. All guests will be encouraged to pay for their reservation in advance (we can take payment over the phone) and if someone forgets, the credit card terminal is touch-free.

Will I be able to sign my waiver when I show up for my reservation? 
Well, yes and no. While we’ve always strived to make every step of the process as easy as possible, given the current situation we are doing away with devices that are touched by everyone who shows up. Good on us, right?  Until further notice, we will not have tablets in the space for you to sign your waivers on site. We will reach out to all reservations 24 hours in advance to remind participants to sign waivers and make sure payment is received before they arrive. A link to the waiver for your reservation will be sent in the confirmation email, or you can search for your reservation by name on our waiver page. And for that person who just didn’t get the memo, they can use their own smart device to sign the waiver if they showed up and forgot, even after all the reminders.

Will you text me to come in when my reservation is ready? 
Unfortunately this isn’t a single person event, so the logistic behind understanding when the full group has arrived and who to text/call to notify when we’re ready for you just doesn’t work without putting our host at undue exposure. However, when you arrive for your reservation, come check in (keeping in mind that there is only one person at a time allowed at the check in counter). If your lane is ready, we’ll take you to it so you can wait for the rest of your group. If your lane isn’t ready, we’ll ask you to wait outside (don’t worry, we have some marking to help you keep the appropriate 6-feet social distancing protocol), until the rest of your group has arrived. Then we can check you all in together.

How will you ensure proper social distancing inside Dueling Axes? 
We thought you’d never ask. In conjunction with providing a lane buffer between all reservations, we’ll be rearranging our table/seating spaces and common areas in an effort to maximize distance between groups. Included in that effort will be designated group throwing areas marked on the floor where you and your group can be more relaxed. Additionally, as always at Dueling Axes, all reservations will remain private and we will never pair you up with another group. Guests will also not be allowed to linger in the common areas.

What do you mean “more relaxed” in the above answer?
Well that’s fair. Referencing our guest mask policy, guests are required to wear their masks/face covering at all times within the Dueling Axes facility and within their designated throwing area unless they are seated AND actively eating or drinking. Yuo can be a little more relaxed knowing that no other people in our facility will be in your designated throwing area/table.

Will Dueling Axes still be BYOB and outside-food friendly? 
Does a bear shi* in the woods? Just because there is a global pandemic going on doesn’t mean we’re going to take all the freedom away from the people! BYOB and outside-food friendly allows you to know exactly where your beverages and food came from, and that’s really important right now. We absolutely will maintain the BYOB and outside-food friendly policy. Still no hard liquor though. Sorry.

Are walk-ins allowed? 
If we have an open lane we will accept walk-ins. We’d really prefer if you make a reservation before hand, but we get that sometimes you’re just out walking around looking for something to do. We’ll always try to be as accommodating as possible, we just ask that walk-ins follow all of the same policies that are in place to keep everyone healthy and safe.

What will your operating hours be?
Our normal operating hours will be maintained during our reopening. That means we’re closed on Monday and Tuesday. Wed-Thurs we’re open from 5pm-10pm. Friday we’re open from 5pm-11pm. Saturday is Noon-11pm and Sunday is Noon-8pm. You can see them here too.

What capacity and group limits will you have?
Groups will be limited to a maximum of 10 people and we will always maintain a one lane buffer between groups. There will also be a minimum of 15 minutes between every reservation to allow for lane disinfecting. We will operate at a significantly lower fire code capacity (less than 50%) and reduce the total number of employees whenever possible. As always at Dueling Axes, all reservations will remain private and we will never pair you up with another group.

Will employees be required to wear face masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE)?
Yes. All employees will be required to properly wear a face mask throughout their entire shift. Please see the “Face Mask Policy” tab on this page for more information regarding our face mask policy. In addition, all employees will have their own designated training equipment, meaning they will never touch the axe that you and your group will be throwing during your reservation.

Will touch-free coaching be provided?
Yes. All employees will be provided with a designated training axes so they wont be touching the equipment on your lane. Only you and the people in your group will touch the items in your throwing area.

How often will employees be required to wash their hands?
Hand washing is one of the most important actions any of us can take while we’re working our way through this whole thing. Employees will be required to wash their hands at the beginning of every shift, and on the hour during their shift. They will also be required to wash up after use of the restroom and if they come in any direct contact with anyone else.

What direction is being given to employees regarding social distancing?
All of our employees have been instructed to maintain proper social distancing practices as much as possible, including but not limited to:

  • Explain to others and enforce social distancing practices within the workplace.
  • Encourage respiratory etiquette, including covering coughs and sneezes.
  • Prohibit the congregation of staff members at the front desk or throughout the space.
  • Minimize and discourage the use and sharing of mobile devices.

How will we know all of the employees are healthy?
It’s a little personal, but we get it, and we’re prepared. All employees have been issued a thermometer and are required to take their personal temperature before arriving for their shift and instructed to stay home if necessary per CDC Health Assessment guidelines. Likewise, all employees are instructed to stay home if they exhibit or feel any of the signs and symptoms associated with COVID-19. All employees have been taught the proper way to wash their hands and instructed to do so at the beginning of every shift, at least every hour during their shift, after any contact with another person, and after the use of restroom facilities.

Do guests have to wear masks? 
Yes. All guests will be required to have a face mask with them, and will be required to wear it correctly at all times when in the Dueling Axes facility in compliance with state mandated face mask policy.  The only exception is if a guest is actively eating/drinking at their assigned lane table. Please refer to the “Face Mask Policy” tab on this FAQ page form more information regarding guests and face masks.

If I have a fever, cough or am experiencing other signs and symptoms of COVID-19 can I still come throw axes?
As much as we’d love for you to throw with us, if you have any, and we mean ANY, reason to believe you may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus or are experiencing any of the related signs and symptoms, please stay home. We will be happy to provide a store credit or full refund for your reservation so you can come back when you’re feeling more up to it.

The Dueling Axes staff is amazing and I want to high five them, shake their hand or give them a hug. Can I?
For the time being, air-fives and bows are going to have to suffice. We love our staff, and we know they love when you tell them they are appreciated. Unfortunately, it’s going to have to stay verbal for now. We want all of our employees and guests to stay as healthy and safe as possible. Please do not touch the staff members and minimize your interaction with them as much as is reasonable.

I washed my hands before I arrived. Will I be required to wash them while I’m throwing axes?
Personal hand washing is a pretty good habit to have and we encourage as much hand washing as feasible while you’re throwing with us. We will also have hand sanitizer available for guest. That being said, please keep in mind that the hand sanitizer is for everyone and using it with discretion is appreciated.

Can I sign my waiver when I arrive for my reservation?
The short answer, yes, as long as you have your own smart device. We’re going to try and give you every opportunity possible, and encourage you, to sign your waiver before you arrive. Waivers can be signed using the link in the confirmation email you receive, or by visiting our website on any smart device or computer and clicking on the “Sign Our Waiver” banner in the lower right corner on any page of our site. You can sign a generic waiver, or search your specific reservation by name, confirmation number, email address, or phone number. Please try to sign your waiver before hand.

Will you continue to provide close-toed shoes for rent?
Yes. While we have new operating policy in place to minimize the sharing of equipment in Dueling Axes, close-toed shoes are still required. We understand that it’s hot out, and sandals are in right not, but no shoes, no throwing, no exceptions. So, shoe rentals will be available and come with a pair of NEW socks that you will be able to keep at the end of your reservation.

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