Family Friendly Indoor Activities To Beat The Heat This Summer

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Family Friendly Indoor Activities To Beat The Heat This Summer

When we think of summer, we tend to think of backyard barbecues, pool parties, beaches, and really anything that lets us spend time in the sunshine. And while spending time outdoors does wonders, it’s not always feasible due to rainy days or needing to reapply sunscreen on the entire family every hour. Entertaining the kids often becomes the main focus of that quality time we so desperately want with our children, which is why parents need just as many options for family friendly indoor things to do as there are outdoor activities!

So buckle the kids in, hit the road, and prepare to have the best day ever – inside.

Indoor Things To Do The Whole Family Will Love

Finding indoor attractions that are kid-friendly can feel challenging as a parent. Keep these activities in mind as you plan that upcoming excursion:


Explore A Local Museum

Museums are a great place to visit as a family. Most have activities for kids to do – some even have entire exhibits tailored for children! Depending on where you decide to go, be sure to ask about pricing because kids tend to get in for free or at a discounted admission price!

Experience Axe Throwing

No matter if you’re trying to beat the heat in sunny Columbus or dip the blistering Strip in Vegas, taking the kids axe throwing is a must. Dueling Axes offers a safe, one of a kind axe throwing experience in both Columbus and Vegas! We take the time to go over safety best practices, as well as how to properly throw an axe to ensure everyone is educated before your reservation begins.

Go To The Movies

The good thing about taking the family to the movies is that it’s a lot less work to keep everyone entertained! Stock up on candy and popcorn so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. 

Indoor Putt Putt Golf

Indoor putt putt golf can be found pretty much anywhere if you know where to look! This family-friendly activity gets everyone up, moving, and making memories that’ll last a lifetime. Add a twist and look up glow putt putt courses to treat the kids to a blacklight course! 

Splash Around At An Indoor Water Park

If you’re an Ohioan, indoor water parks like Kalahari or Great Wolf’s Lodge make for a great time for adults and kids alike. With designated spaces for family, you can splash around in the pool or race down the waterslides.

Beat The Heat & Stay Inside!

The great outdoors aren’t always…. Well, great. There are plenty of indoor things to do and activities to explore when it comes to family friendly fun. No matter where you live, a simple online search of “indoor things to do near me” will provide you with a list of kid-approved ideas to get the wheels turning. Where will you end up?

5 Reasons Dad Wants To Go Axe Throwing On Father’s Day

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5 Reasons Dad Wants To Go Axe Throwing On Father’s Day

Just like every other year, you may find yourself at a loss on how to celebrate the father figure in your life this Father’s Day. After all, it’s hard enough to shop for the guy who has everything, let alone find something he would genuinely enjoy!

Here’s the thing – dads aren’t that hard to figure out. We’ve seen countless relationships strengthen at our axe throwing lounges over the years, which brings us to our point: axe throwing is the ultimate Father’s Day experience!

Why? Because the person who taught you how to throw a baseball and ride a bike deserves so much more than a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug. Still not convinced? Read on to learn the top five reasons your dad would love to go axe throwing on Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Gift? Check!

Just like there are a ton of reasons as to why you should take your dad axe throwing, there are a million reasons he wants to experience it:

To Get Out Of The House & Try Something New

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Treating dad to one of our two Columbus-based axe throwing lounges comes with professional training from our staff. If you’re the kind of person who likes to know what to expect at every turn, you can get a full breakdown for first time axe throwers. Having the opportunity to learn a new skill alongside your old man will become a lifelong memory you’ll both reminisce about for years to come.

To Enjoy His Favorite Beverage In a Lounge Atmosphere

Let’s face it – you’ve probably put your parents through the ringer at some point in your life. Let dad relax and enjoy some friendly competition paired with his favorite beverage. Depending on which Dueling Axes location you plan to visit, be sure to read up on our food/alcohol policies to make sure you’re fully prepared!

To Show You He’s Still #1 At Everything He Does

Even if you let him win, he doesn’t need to know. When checking in for your axe throwing reservation, ask your trainer what games are best for beginners so everyone can play along and have some wholesome, unorthodox fun!

To Be Cool Enough To Hang With His Kids

On Father’s Day, dad is the main character. This is the one day a year he’s finally cool enough to hang with his kids. Don’t worry – you and your siblings can still poke fun and roast the guest of honor. He’ll just be thankful to watch his kids be active and have fun in the process!

To Spend Quality Time With The Family

While he may not show it, your dad enjoys having everyone together. Use Father’s Day to gather the spread out children and grandchildren to spend quality time together making new memories. This means more to him than you’ll ever know.

The Best Father’s Day Gift: Axe Throwing

Dads don’t ask for a lot. As you ideate with your siblings and friends to find the perfect Father’s Day gift, don’t forget to factor in axe throwing! No matter what skill level everyone is at, we make it easy and fun with step-by-step training. Get your dad out of the house and spend quality time with the people he loves the most. If you’re unsure of which axe throwing lounge is ideal for your family we can help! Simply contact us today to learn about both our Downtown and New Albany locations.

Reserve Your Lane Online Today

Ready to book? Skip the wait and reserve your axe throwing lane online today!

Dueling Axes Expansion

Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Team Building In 2022

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Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Team Building In 2022

If you’ve ever participated in a group of any kind, you know the indisputable value of team chemistry. Most workplaces are navigating new territories as they transition to post-COVID 19 norms. This may look like one of three things: remain remote, hybrid work weeks, or a firm shift back to in-office life. No matter what path you decide to lead employees down – there’s no question that in-person team building is a must when solidifying a foundation of trust between individuals and across departments.

And while team building is ideal for any group, there’s a certain tact business leaders must keep top of mind when planning that upcoming excursion. But first, it’s important to know why team building is so effective no matter what industry or dynamic your organization operates within.

The Benefits Of Team Building Activities

What’s the deal with team building that earns it so much hype? For starters, taking the time to bring employees together outside of the workplace creates an opportunity to practice holistic teamwork. Team building exercises create a space where people can focus on learning how to come together as a team to reach a common goal. This is huge for productivity in the workplace. As people get to know fellow colleagues’ communication styles, barriers are broken down – making project execution much easier and sustainable.

Team building does a lot more for your culture than increasing productivity and chemistry. Incorporating routine activities reinforces the importance of having fun in the workplace. It shows your employees that objectives can still be achieved while having fun. After all, people want to work for a company that prioritizes a healthy culture and sees their employees as people and not merely means to an end. Not only will it keep your employees engaged, but motivated along the way!

Investing in team building is essential to help employees bond and discover team chemistry. Increasing their comfort levels with one another and various departments breaks down barriers and empowers employees to have fun while simultaneously coming together to reach goals. When businesses go out of their way to show their employees they see them as human beings and not dollar signs, they are able to attract and retain the best talent. It’s as simple as that!

When Does It Make Sense For You To Do Team Building?

The benefits of team building are undeniable, but when is the best time to have these events in the first place? 

If you’re researching what day of the week you should book your team building event on, our Columbus axe throwing lounges deem Wednesday as the best day. Why? Hump day, baby. So close to the weekend, but not quite Friday. This gives employees a little boost to get them through the next few days!

If you’re planning ahead and looking to hold a team building event in the upcoming months, keep reading. Summer is one of the best times of year for team building! When the sun is out and the temperature is high there’s nothing like having a cold beer and good company. Treat your employees to some fun and let them enjoy the summer weather for a little while, as opposed to sitting in the office staring at a computer screen. This alone does more for morale than you’ll ever know. 

With so many options to choose from, you can take the time to think outside of the box. The goal should be to get out of the office and have fun – and the results will naturally follow.

What Environments Work Best For Team Building?

If you Google, “team building in Columbus, Ohio”, you’ll get a million and one ideas or attractions. The main idea to keep in mind is that team building should give employees a fun mental health break. Day-to-day work stresses can take their toll on employees. The silver lining? Team leaders can use this as an opportunity to give employees a well-deserved break. 

To put this into action, first find a time for everyone to get out of the office. Activities like axe throwing, dodgeball, or simply taking a walk are the perfect way to help everyone disconnect from their jobs for a little while and channel their energy into something else. 

Dueling Axes: Add A Twist To Your Upcoming Team Building Activities

Your employees deserve more than a break room pizza party. Let them know your efforts are genuine by holding the next team building activity off site. Dare to be bold and book your upcoming event at one of our two Columbus axe throwing lounges. Dueling Axes is known for bringing groups together to bond over something new. We work with your team and show them the ropes on how to properly throw axes and expose hidden talents!

Companies need assurance that their team bonding event will happen rain or shine. Our space is big enough to host any group size – not to mention we welcome everyone to come as they are. Casual, dressed up, we’ve seen it all (even wedding gowns). We’ll work with you and recommend catering options, as well as what axe throwing games make the most sense for your workplace dynamic. In other words, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Psst… Never thrown an axe? No skills required. Our coaches provide safety training and one-on-one coaching for all throwers. Check out our How To Throw An Axe video.

Team Building Empowers Your Workplace One Employee At A Time

Encouraging your team to come together and try something new helps sustain a healthy workplace culture. Team building promotes trust and eliminates communication barriers that would otherwise hinder production. Leaders must recognize the benefits of team building and seek new ways to implement it between individuals and across various departments. 

In our experience, getting employees out of the office and away from their desks is one of the most effective ways to practice teamwork. Ditch the dated pizza parties and treat your crew to some old fashioned, in-person fun! All in all, Dueling Axes is here to give your team the experience of a lifetime with a little friendly competition. Trust us, they’ll still be talking about this for weeks to come – making you the office hero. 

Need some help booking your upcoming corporate team building event? Learn what to expect and explore special rates at Dueling Axes today!

First Time Axe Throwing? Here’s What To Expect

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First Time Axe Throwing? Here’s What To Expect

You’re looking for something to do in Columbus – but you’re not settling for anything less than unorthodox. You’ve seen it all, done it all, and quite frankly want to experience something new for the first time. And to that we say: axe throwing.

Yes, throwing axes. Dueling Axes has not one but two locations in Columbus. No matter if you’re heading Downtown or closer to New Albany, we have a lane with your name on it! Our staff makes you feel right at home. We give you a rundown on safety protocol (because you know… Axes) and talk through any questions you may have before your reservation begins!

But if you’re like us and like to have a game plan in place, keep reading for the full breakdown on what to expect when axe throwing for the first time.

SYSK: Axe Throwing Edition

Take Advantage Of Online Reservations

Making your axe throwing experience a breeze is our main objective. Each Dueling Axes location offers online reservations to make your life easier. We also encourage planning ahead and making a reservation to ensure you get the time slot and timeframe that works best for you and your crew!

Arrive Early

You know the saying: safety first. Be sure to arrive early so our staff can properly educate you on both safety and technique training before your reservation starts. This means you get to enjoy your full reservation window and play as many games as possible! Once you arrive, we’ll walk you to your lane and run through safety protocols before the fun begins. Each lane has its own tablet to keep track of everyone’s score plus a list of axe throwing games to keep things interesting.

Stay True To Your Crew

Speaking of a crew – we’ll never pair you with people you don’t know. Strangers will, quite literally, stay in their lane and you’ll stay in yours. Up to six people are assigned to a lane, but we’ll NEVER add randoms to your party. Scouts honor.

Food & Drinks

Fuel your experience with a little grub! Each of our urban axe throwing locations takes a different approach to food and alcohol:

Downtown Columbus

Keep in mind our Downtown Columbus lounge is BYOB (beer and wine only, no liquor). You’re also welcome to order food from any of the neighboring restaurants and they’ll deliver directly to your lane! Did we mention free delivery? Each lane has its own seating, so you can eat, drink, and be merry with family and friends in between throws.

New Albany

Maybe New Albany is a little closer to your neck of the woods. This axe throwing lounge is nestled in The Plaza at Hamilton Quarter in the New Albany/Gahanna area. Complete with a full service bar, you can enjoy our monthly drink specials or come up with a cocktail of your own! This location is also outside-food friendly so feel free to bring your own or order delivery right to your lane.

Quick Axe Throwing Tips For Beginners

You have your crew, your lane, plus quality drinks and grub. Now it’s time to shoot your shot at axe throwing! Don’t worry, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1

With your dominant hand on top, grip the base of the axe handle firmly with both hands. Don’t squeeze!

Step 2

Point the blade of the axe towards your target. Then raise the axe over and behind your head. Lean back on your dominant foot.

Step 3

Step forward with your non-dominant foot. Bring your arms forward in a throwing motion. Then, with your arms extended forward, release the axe towards the target keeping your wrists in line with your forearms.

Need a visual? We get it. Check out our axe throwing demonstration below.

Ready, Set, Throw!

Urban axe throwing is the perfect adventure if you’re looking for something new and exciting to do with friends or family. With two Columbus locations, you can conveniently reserve and travel to one of our axe throwing lounges and take a walk on the wild side. Remember to plan ahead with online reservations and arrive early to learn safety protocols. Depending on which location you’re traveling to, don’t forget to pick up (or order in) your food and drinks!

Now that you’re fully prepared to throw an axe for the first time all that’s left to do is reserve your lane! Book online here or call us directly at 614-221-1600 for additional questions. Happy axe throwing!

Team Building Benefits in the Time of COVID-19

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Team Building Benefits in the Time of COVID-19

Zoom meetings. Virtual happy hours. Google Hangouts. Slack chat threads. Working from home and staying connected during self-isolation and quarantine has proven challenging, despite a wealth of ways to communicate online. Whether it’s following a quarantine or stay-at-home order, or just a long stretch since everyone has been in the office, it’s not too early to start planning your team’s next group outing. Here’s some ways that post-COVID team building activities can help bring your quaran-team together.

Strengthen Existing Bonds & Forge New ConnectionsGroup axe throwing

Maybe you’ve been missing your daily chats with your favorite cubicle-mates, or maybe there are team members you never knew very well, and now want to get to know. You may even be part of a team that works remotely most of the time; maybe you’ve never met a team member in person! Getting together in a relaxed, casual environment is great for fostering conversation, and if you’re taking on an activity that requires teamwork, you’ll have instant camaraderie with new folks as you work towards a common goal.

Boost Confidence & Improve Company Culture

Team building for remote workers that goes beyond the same old dinner and drinks gives employees an opportunity to face their fears or challenge themselves outside of the corporate setting. This, in turn, can help team members feel more confident and empowered. A happy team is a motivated team, making team building events well worth the investment. The type of team building event you host can also reinforce your company’s culture. An activity with a slight risk factor, or that involves physical activity, can send the message that employees should be adventurous, outgoing, and not afraid to take chances.

Bolster Team Morale

We’re all living through an unprecedented global event, and it’s easy for folks to feel isolated or disconnected from their routine and their team. Spending a little money to show your team that they’re appreciated can go a long way in improving morale. Instead of focusing solely on business, ditch the office talk and try to foster positive connections among group members. This can be done through games to engage the group, ice breakers and suggested conversation topics, or even team check-ins once you’re back in the office to reinforce the connections made during the team building event.

Team Members Will Have FUN Together!

 At the end of the day, your team building after COVID should be focused on fun. Dynamic activities can improve creativity, which can in turn help with problem-solving in the workplace. They can also facilitate healthy competition, allowing team members to collaborate for office bragging rights and a sense of pride. When you factor in weeks or even months of working from home and self-isolation, activities that get the blood pumping and people physically engaged can take your team building activity to the next level.

axe throwing tournament group

Team Building Activities to Get Employees Engaged

Getting back to normalcy in the post-coronavirus world isn’t easy for anyone, but a strongly bonded team has an easier time making the transition. Taking on a challenging, yet fun, team building activity can show your team that you’re still working together for a common goal, and keeping a positive attitude while doing so. In our next installment, we’ll help you outline the top 5 things you should keep in mind when putting together your team’s next outing! And if you’re interested in booking your team’s post-isolation outing now, make an axe throwing reservation today!


Ready to book? Check our real-time availability calendar!


Get Axe Throwing on Your Calendar Now

Dueling Axes – Where throwing axes is business as usual

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Dueling Axes – where throwing axes is just business as usual

Who hasn’t dreamed about changing your life around? That’s what Jess and Paul did: from the construction industry to throwing axes.

We probably all have experienced a feeling off… smashing things. Or breaking things. Hit someone on the head. With a chair. That kind of thing. But fortunately, most of us can keep their cool. But wouldn’t it be great to sometimes just let off some steam? That you can let that frustration out. That desire to do something crazy. Like… I don’t know… Like throwing an axe?Yes! Like throwing an axe. Isn’t it amazing that you can do that exact thing at Dueling Axes?! With single-target lanes and a razor-sharp axe you can bring out your primal self.


It all started in 2017. Jess Hellmich and his business partner Paul Sherry came across a LinkedIn article that discussed the industry of throwing axes. Having the construction industry as a professional background, where every day brought a bigger headache and complicated challenges, they could use a refreshing change of pace. Jess: ‘After a relatively short conversation and some quick napkin math, we both decided we were intrigued enough to start researching the industry to see if it was a viable option to go out on our own.’

This was before the explosive industry growth in late 2018 and 2019, so it took some balls to get out there and see if the market for throwing axes was a viable one. They took the time to come up with a good plan: ‘We spent nearly 6 months developing a detailed business plan. And eventually we found ourselves touring commercial real estate to find the right location.’

The industry is a fast growing one, but that doesn’t mean it’s automatically easy to run a business. Especially when confronted with growth, it’s important to make the right decisions and to take some risk. ‘I wouldn’t call it “struggle”, but managing our growth has taken a lot of work,’ Jess says. Considering they started in 2017 and now have three locations, with a new one in Las Vegas on the way, “a lot of work” isn’t an exaggeration. The new Las Vegas location will be nearly three times larger than the original facility, with a beer and wine bar in AREA15 just off the strip. As Jess says: ‘It’s a big swing and it has taken many, many hours of commitment, lost sleep, and determination.’

Luckily they started off with a strong team, which helped them manage all the different processes. Because you can’t do it all on your own.

How interesting it all sounds, did Jess and Paul really just start the business because they saw a LinkedIn article. Well, yes and no. The article kick-started it, but as every business knows, a good business starts with a passion. Jess: ‘Even as a young kid moving through the ranks of Boy Scouts, a well-crafted blade always fascinated me. Whenever I could, I would carry a small knife with me and I would constantly find myself using it as an indispensable, daily tool.’

Even today he carries a 3.5″ Elk Ridge, spring assisted folding straight blade. Like many knife-lovers will understand, some knives just have a special meaning. ‘It carries some sentimental significance for me as well, with a custom handle engraved to commemorate my officiating of one of my best friends’ wedding,’ he says.

Okay, a knife is not the same as an axe, but it would be a bit difficult to walk around with an axe all day, wouldn’t it? But the affinity with sharp instruments was there. And like Jess says: ‘When it comes to throwing axes, let’s face it – it’s just plain fun and incredibly satisfying.’ And he can know, because he runs a friggin’ company that’s all about throwing axes. He continues: ‘Throwing an ancient tool into a chunk of wood and getting it to stick provides a feeling of euphoria that is hard to match.’

I don’t know about you, but it makes us feel like trying it out!

See for yourself – doesn’t it look cool?!

Axe Throwing What to Expect

So what kind of axes do they use? You might have spotted in the video that everyone has the same axe. That’s because you’re not to bring your own axe (unless it is during league nights). Not really a bad thing though, because you wouldn’t want to mess up your axe. The handles take quite a beating (especially with beginners, the axe doesn’t always stick), and that’s why they also don’t use fancy, expensive axes. And for safety reasons they decided to stay away from rubber covered, metal handled axes. Jess: ‘Our everyday, house axe is a 1.25 axe on a hickory handle that is about 14″ long. We’ve standardized the axes so that it allows for a better overall coaching and throwing experience.’

Not only throwing experience, but the entire customer experience is a central concept for Dueling Axes. Jess sometimes feels that the service industry has moved too far away from paying close attention to customer service and that many companies seem to forget that the customer is the lifeblood of their business. That’s why everything they do is tailored to provide an exceptional experience that guests can’t get anywhere else in the industry. And that’s important, because nowadays you need to be able to differentiate yourself. Otherwise people just go to the competition. Jess is especially proud of the atmosphere they create: ‘It’s the ease of coming in and doing it without effort. It already starts at making the reservation. From A to Z, we have you covered and we’re committed to doing what it takes to ensure the customer has a fantastic time.’

There are two ways to throw the axe: 1 hand holding the axe & over or behind the head. Or 2 hands holding the axe & over or behind the head

With three locations and the expansion in Las Vegas, what other plans does Dueling Axes have in the future? Well, they plan to keep on expanding and evolving the brand and services they offer. They like to challenge themselves to continue being the best, stay in front of the trends and provide the best experience and customer service to their customers. ‘We see a lot of businesses bringing in additional experiences, like rage room options, into their venues and other industries like go-karts and laser-tag businesses are incorporating axe throwing,’ Jess says. ‘We’ve even seen “glow party” formats using black lights and fluorescent paint on the target boards. From our perspective, it’s unnecessary. Axe throwing by itself is really, really fun and engaging. It’s the execution of the customer experience that sets us apart from the competition and keeps our customers coming back for more.’

Jess thinks that eventually technology will also be introduced in the industry. He compares it with the evolution of bowling, that went from a simple ball and pins to flashing lanes and disco bowling, and can now be played on your smartphone. Heck, maybe one day you’ll have their app on your phone, because whatever the future will bring, Dueling Axes will be there. Driven by creating the best customer experience and especially his 2.5-year-old, Jess is motivated to make the business a success and grow it into something his daughter can be extremely proud of.

Soon after our interview, the COVID-19 pandemic forced most companies to temporally close. We’re happy to say that Dueling Axes withstood this uncertain and difficult time. Jess & Paul re-opened again beginning of June and are now fully operational again.

Ready to book your axe throwing experience?

Axe in stump

The 2020 Columbus, OH Virtual Brew Tour

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Curbside Pickup & Beer Delivery From Columbus’ Best Breweries

The craft beer scene in Columbus is thriving. With so many breweries across the city, there’s truly a brew for everyone – and no shortage of new drafts for the adventurous drinker. Many local breweries have adapted to COVID-19 closures to provide delivery or curbside pickup, so you can get your fix while keeping your distance.

Here, we’ll take you on a tour of four of our favorite taprooms and breweries across Columbus, and let you know how you can get your hands on their cans!

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing has been serving up craft beers and a full food menu since it opened in 2013. The kitchen offers upscale takes on American classics, such as coq au vin and tomahawk pork chops for dinner, or toad in the hole and chilaquiles for weekend brunch. The taproom features 20 of their beers on draft, including staples like the Clear Sky cream ale and the Dire Wolf imperial stout. Have a taste for something a little more luxe? Try something from the Brewmaster’s Cellar Reserve bottle list, which features brews aged in marsala wine barrels or with infusions of rose hips and coriander. Wolf’s Ridge has delivery available for food, beer, AND to-go cocktails, or you can visit for curbside pickup.

You can give them a call at (614) 429-3936 or can find them on Instagram @WolfsRidgeBrewing and @WolfsRidgeBeer!

View Wolf's Ridge Beer Menu

Seventh Son

Seventh Son has consistently been one of Columbus’ favorite breweries since it opened in April, 2013. Their brewery and tap room, located in Italian Village, has brewed over 200 different beers while staying true to their brand with their flagship offerings, such as Seventh Son, an American strong ale, and Scientist, an IPA that gets brewed with 1 different ingredient in each batch to experiment and delight with new flavor. The taproom features two separate bar spaces – one downstairs, with a large outdoor patio and rotating daily food trucks, and one upstairs. They’re offering free delivery Monday-Friday across the city, or you can swing by for pickup! Keep an eye on their Instagram, @seventh_son_brewing, to see which free gift you’ll get if you place a delivery order.

You can place orders online, or give them a call at (614) 421-2337 to see what’s available for pickup.

View Seventh Son's Beer Menu

Platform Beer Co.Platform Beer Company Columbus

While the brewery originally opened its doors in 2014 in Cleveland, Platform Beer Co. quickly took its place as a Columbus favorite when its downtown taproom opened in 2016. Known for their wide range of experimental, playful flavor combinations as well as updated takes on the classics, Platform truly has something for everyone on offer in their taproom. Speed Merchant, their white IPA, has a refreshing, fruity finish and pale color, while the New Cleveland Palesner delivers a classic, crisp pilsner with subtle hops of a pale ale. Want to take a walk on the wild side? Give Fostered Bananas a try – this beer balances sweet banana flavor with the sour notes of a Berliner Weisse to create a drink unlike any other. Platform is offering delivery, as well as a limited-time rebate offer, and they’re also open for pick up at their taproom. Their offerings are listed on their website, and they can also be reached at (614) 826-2285.

Follow them on Facebook, @PlatformBeerCBUS, to join their virtual yoga sessions, streamed straight from the brewery to your living room every Wednesday night!

View Platform's Beer Menu

Land Grant Brewing CompanyLand Grant Beer Columbus

Land Grant has been a fixture in Franklinton since 2014, when they brewed their first batch and opened the doors to their taproom and brewery. They’ve grown a lot since their humble beginnings; the taproom also has a large outdoor beer garden with a stage and plenty of space for events and activities. Land Grant has several beers that are brewed year-round such as Greenskeeper, a session IPA packed with citrus flavor but with a low alcohol content, making it the perfect patio sipper. They also have seasonal offerings in both cans and on draft in the taproom, such as Blackberry Jamble, a cream ale kissed with the sweetness of blackberry on its finish. They’re offering delivery all the way to Springfield and Dayton, and have limited hours for pickup at the taproom.

Secure your cans by ordering ahead of time online, or by giving them a call at (614) 427-3946 and arranging for drive-through pickup.

View Land Grant's Beer Menu

Support The Amazing Local Breweries Throughout Columbus

Best Axe Throwing In Columbus Ohio

In these uncertain times, it’s even more important to support your favorite local businesses. Dueling Axes is proud to call Columbus home, and we encourage everyone to spread the love with direct purchases or even gift cards to use in the future. Don’t forget, we’re BYOB, so when we’re back in business, we’d love to see you bring your favorite beers to our space while you and your people chuck some axes!

What To Expect At Dueling Axes

Gain Confidence By Trying Something New

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Gain Confidence By Trying Something New

With the days getting shorter and cold weather creeping in, it’s easy to feel bored or stuck in a rut. It may be tempting to stay home and hunker down for the winter, but it’s important to get out of the house and experience new things. So keep reading to learn a few reason on why you should expand your horizons and try something new and see how you can win $25 towards your efforts!

Make new friends, tighten bonds and have something new to discuss around the water cooler

Group axe throwingBranching out of your comfort zone can help you meet new people, or can strengthen the bonds you already have with friends and family. Trying new things will give you plenty to talk about while you’re gathered at the dinner table, huddled around the water cooler, or getting your hair cut. Where ever it is you need to make some small talk. Want to do more than just talk turkey and ham? Gather up the family and share in an experience beyond the same old shopping. Finding new activities that can engage the whole family will help create memories that last a lifetime. Experiences can also make great holiday or birthday gifts – skip the knick-knacks or socks and take friends out to all try something new! Group outings will help you grow closer together, and help introduce you to others who share your interests.

Gain Confidence In Yourself you're the pilot

On a personal level, trying new things can help you learn a lot about yourself. Often, people are resistant to new experiences because they’re afraid or intimidated – possibly of the activity itself, or just of doing something out of their routine. But going outside of your comfort zone can help you gain confidence as you overcome your fears and can help you tackle problems in the future with a new perspective. Keeping an open mind to fresh experiences can help shape your opinions or reveal new things about yourself that you didn’t previously know.

Improve Overall Satisfaction with Life

Creating habits, routine, and structure in life is important to get through your day-to-day, but it’s just as important to break the mold every so often! Getting out and experiencing new things can reinvigorate your spirit, and helps to break up the hum-drum patterns of daily life. It alleviates boredom, and can also help relieve stress. It even helps improve overall satisfaction with life – even small changes to routine can increase your zest for life, and experiencing more of what life has to offer can have major benefits to your personal life.

Looking to take the plunge with a new activity? Look no further! Dueling Axes offers the thrill of throwing axes at wooden targets in a safe, upscale, urban lounge setting. With comprehensive safety training, as well as detailed coaching on proper throwing technique, you can experience pulse-pounding excitement in a comfortable and warm environment. The fact that Dueling Axes is BYOB and BYO-Food means you can customize your visit to fit your preferences. You can choose to bring your own brews and meal with you or order free delivery from some of the best eateries in the city.  Whether you’re a couple looking to spice up date night, or planning a party for 100 of your closest friends and family, Dueling Axes can accommodate nearly any size of group. So what are you waiting for? Book online or by calling the shop, and we’ll be sure to save a lane for you!

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Here’s your chance to try something new, and win $25

We want you to have all the new experiences you can! Start by heading to our Instagram page and finding the GIVEAWAY post so you can enter to win $25 to City BBQ. Follow @duelingaxes on Instagram and Facebook, tag your axe-wielding friends and comment with why you deserve to win. Then book your axe throwing experience with us. Experience the exciting sport of axe throwing at Dueling Axes like you can’t anywhere else – in a safe, comfortable, and modern setting located in the heart of Downtown Columbus. As one of the only axe throwing facilities in the country to give our guests a private throwing lane, we promise to never pair you and your friends with people you don’t know. We’re also BYOB and outside-food friendly! Don’t want to haul in your own food and drink? Don’t worry, you can order from any of the neighboring eateries and they’ll deliver their full food menu, canned/bottled beer and full bottles of wine directly to your lane(s). All with FREE delivery. So grab a six-pack and some friends, a pizza and a date, or order in for your group’s private event – axe throwing in Columbus is the MUST DO experience everyone is talking about.

Safety training & 1-on-1 coaching starts before your reservation time begins. That means you get a full 1 or 2 hours of uninterrupted throw time to play dozens of gameplay options. During your stay, our staff is available as much or as little as you’d like so your group can experience axe throwing the way you want.

Submissions to win will be accepted until Saturday, January 11 at 11:59pm. Enter Now!

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Columbus Staycation – Giveaway

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An Amazing Axe Throwing Staycation in Downtown Columbus

Enjoy Your Hometown with Great Food, Entertainment and – of Course – Axe Throwing

With school back in session and the holiday season right around the corner, it’s easy to feel burned out by the hustle and bustle of daily life. Thankfully, downtown Columbus is rich in both comforts and exciting entertainment and dining options to help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the world again. This is the ultimate guide to your dream Columbus staycation.

The Perfect Location for Your Columbus Staycation

Start your weekend vacation at home by checking in to the Westin Great Southern Columbus, a 4-star hotel right in the heart of downtown. The rich, red-brick exterior houses rooms decked out with every modern amenity, including pillow top mattresses and rainfall showerheads. The premium location places you minutes away from countless restaurants, bars and family-friendly forms of entertainment, including Ohio’s premier axe throwing lounge, Dueling Axes.

A Highly Axe-essible Activity

While axe throwing may seem intimidating at first, Dueling Axes guarantees a safe and comfortable experience that combines individual coaching and free-form game play, all in an upscale, urban lounge environment. Children as young as five years old have been able to successfully stick bullseyes, making it a great option for both kids and kids at heart. Parents can enjoy the stress relief of throwing axes while enjoying an adult beverage, whether brought from home or delivered in from one of the many neighborhood restaurants, and kids love taking on the new challenge of axe throwing. Guests can choose from about a dozen game play options and set their own pace of throws, making it a great option for kids to teens and in between!

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Great Eats Just an Axe’s Throw Away

Nothing works up an appetite quite like axe throwing, and thankfully, Dueling Axes’ convenient downtown location makes it just a moment’s walk away from a wide variety of dining options. Looking to keep things casual? Grab a pizza from Mikey’s Late Night Slice or a gourmet dog from Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace, both located just across the street from Dueling Axes. Pecan Penny’s and The Walrus, both located right around the corner on Main Street, offer up classic BBQ and upscale American standards, respectively. Got a group of adventurous eaters with you? Stop by El Camino Inn for twists on Mexican street food and craft cocktails. With so many options to choose from, there’s truly something to keep everyone in the family happy.

Making Your Columbus Staycation Dreams Come TrueColumbus staycation

Sound like an award-winning weekend? Well, you’re in luck! Dueling Axes is proud to call Columbus, Ohio its home, and wants to share the fun with all of its fans. Dueling Axes has teamed up with the Westin to offer up a dream Columbus staycation package that is sure to delight. Visit our Instagram page and look for the GIVEAWAY POST mentioning this blog. Follow @duelingaxes on Instagram and Facebook, tag your axe-wielding friends and comment with why you deserve to win this Columbus Staycation package for a chance to win a night’s stay at the Westin and a 1-hour axe throwing package for 2 people! To top it off, we’re offering up a classic pie at Mikey’s and two $25 gift cards, one to Dirty Franks and one to The Walrus. It’s the perfect package for planning a Columbus staycation. Follow the link for additional details and how to enter!

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How Throwing An Axe Can Bring Your Team Closer Together

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Group activityFinding That Balance Between Fresh, Friendly Competition & Team Building

Every so often, the boss rallies the troops and the office gets together to do a little team building. But what do these off-site events actually do for the team?

Sometimes, they entail working together to find a common solution, smiling for a photo at the end and having a little fun along the way. But other times, they fall flat. Employees become disengaged. They start thinking about all the other things they could be doing with this time. While the main goal is to get your team to socialize, build bonds, think together and decompress, the end result can be quite the opposite.

If you want a team-building exercise that will truly engage your team and become a memory they talk about for years to come, you might want to start thinking outside the box – and down the lane.

The Effectiveness of Thinking Outside the BoxUnique Team Building Ideas Columbus

When your team catches wind of an upcoming team-building event, the last thing you want to hear in response is a chorus of drones or the disheartening “ugh, we’ve already done that.” The word “workshop” can evoke feelings of “please don’t make me.” This is supposed to be a good time, not a long, drawn out, cringy affair!

Playing “three truths and one lie” loses its luster, scavenger hunts only work if everyone is invested and seeing which group can solve a puzzle the fastest is only fun for the winner. It’s time to do something different with your squad. It’s time to throw an axe!

Because axe throwing is still a relatively new concept to a lot of folks and will certainly catch them off-guard in the best way. When you hear “team building workshop,” you don’t think throwing an axe at a target – and that’s exactly the point. Pique interest. Throw axes. Get competitive. Watch your team thrive as they aim to smash the bullseye!

You Don’t Need a Leader of the Pack

Team building exercises are designed to bring people together – but they can also push people apart or even alienate some team members, especially if the normal cast of leaders starts to take too much control. The beauty of axe throwing is that it’s an individual’s game that’s unfamiliar to most people. This mitigates the risk of forming cliques and gives everyone the chance to be the best instead of just falling in line. Everyone is learning together, while still trying to outperform each other. And, even if you’re not that great, there’s no pressure because it’s your first time!

Get Out Of The Office & Step Down the Lane

When your team gets together to throw axes down a lane, they’re not worried about work. They’re all trying to catch on faster than the next person to see who can throw an axe the best, while sipping a beer and eating pizza. It doesn’t get much better than that during or after office hours! This is exactly the type of thing they’ll post on their Instagram and talk about with their friends.

Team-building exercises don’t always have to bring people together in the conventional sense. You can get the same effect with some healthy, fun competition, especially if no one on your team is already an expert axe thrower! You’re focusing on how you can better your own throw and discussing newfound techniques with coworkers, all while realizing Jane from Accounting has a freaking cannon for an arm.

When you’re throwing a sharpened axe, there’s never a dull moment.

Dueling Axes: Where Team-Building Becomes Team-Bonding

Get out of your office and out of those stereotypical team-building exercises and step down a lane. Dueling Axes can host events as large as 120 people and allows catered food/drinks. Book your next out of the ordinary corporate team event today!

Start Team Bonding With Just One Throw!
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