Axe Throwing Columbus OhioAxe Throwing Lingo To Know

Hello there, fellow axemen! Ever been confused hearing conversations when you’re walking the lanes at Dueling Axes? That makes sense since you were! Any axe thrower looking to improve must be familiar with the lingo and terminology of the sport.

We’re going to get into the jargon used in axe throwing in great detail in this article. We’ll go through all the lingo you need to be familiar with to seem professional, dazzle your friends, and perhaps even terrify your rivals, from bullseye to toe-in. Grab an axe and let’s begin!

Speak The Axe Throwing Language

Here are the three biggest terms to know for a great time while you’re axe throwing.


Axe Bullseye Columbus OhioThis term is pretty self-explanatory; if you’ve ever seen a target for archery, darts, or axe throwing the center circle is designated with a unique color, and it’s called the bullseye. Why do we distinguish it? It’s the hardest area to hit, and in many target games is worth the most points. In axe throwing, the bullseye should be your focus every throw. 


Whether you’re a throwing veteran, or you got your first walkthrough at Dueling Axes yesterday, you’ll hear the word “rotation” thrown around all the time. What does it have to do with nailing the bullseye?

Axe rotation is the biggest factor in sticking to the target. If the axe rotates too much or too little, the blade may not hit the target properly, resulting in a lower score or a complete miss. Proper rotation comes from releasing the axe with the right amount of force and spin for one full rotation before hitting the target. Paying attention to how the axe rotates when you throw it can help you correct misses or other issues you’re having on the lanes.


Downtown Columbus Axe ThrowingA toe-in refers to when the “toe,” or the top tip of the blade sticks into the target first and stays. When the target wood seems extra hard, or you’re trying to be extra accurate, it’s a great technique to try. 

Every now and then it may happen by accident, but many players practice the form to execute it when they need it. To achieve a toe-in throw, hold the axe with a firm grip, ensuring that your thumb is wrapped around the handle for added control. When you see the toe-in on the lanes, now you know what to call it!

Talk The Talk On The Lanes!

Take your game to the next level with the right terminology! Now that you’re more familiar with how to small talk between throws, brush up on your skills and make some new friends at Dueling Axes! Reserve a lane for your next throwing session today!

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