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How To Plan A Corporate Holiday Party People Will Actually Attend

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How To Plan A Corporate Holiday Party People Will Actually Attend: Checklist & Guide

The most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful if you embark on party planning without some guidance. You know the saying – not all heroes wear capes. This rings true for all of our fellow professionals tasked with planning this year’s company holiday party.

But not to fret – no matter if you’re looking to deck the halls or deck the receptionist because they failed to (yet again) send out the email poll to figure out who is allergic to gluten, we have the ultimate company holiday party checklist your colleagues will love you for.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, there are a few things to keep top of mind before locking in your 2022 company party venue.

What To Know Before Booking Your Company Party

A little homework goes a long way. Doing some preliminary research before booking will save you a lot of stress in the weeks to come. Before assuming what your team wants to do, simply ask them if they have any suggestions for inclusive, team building ideas/venues located within the Greater Columbus Area. Remember, you’re wanting something fun and easy. After all, this is a party! Earning your official title as “Office Party Coordinator”  starts by factoring in an event that keeps everyone entertained, included, and fed.

So grab your pen and paper or summon Siri to take some notes, the time has come to create your very own 2022 checklist.

The Tried & True Corporate Party Checklist: Holiday Edition

We’ve been doing this a while… So trust us when we advise to stick to the following items when turning your dream event into a reality:

Choose Your Venue Wisely

The most important detail of any corporate holiday party is the location! Make sure to pick a spot that is perfect for you, your team, and your budget. You don’t want to pick a venue that’s too small and doesn’t accommodate your guests. Also steer clear of places that are too big and leave your party feeling empty. We also suggest making sure your venue is equipped with everything that your party needs, from clean public restrooms, space to serve food, or space for a fun activity to entertain your guests.

Struggling to find a space that checks all three boxes? Add a twist to this year’s party at Dueling Axes. We have two axe throwing lounges in the Greater Columbus Area that can easily accommodate big groups for two hours at a time (or more). As far as entertainment goes, we are more than equipped to show your guests a great time! Our staff will walk you through a series of different competitive axe throwing games that are designed to get even the most rooted wallflowers out of their shell. We also allow (and encourage) you to get your event catered by your favorite restaurant!

Depending on the kind of party you’re looking to host, you can choose to have full bar service (New Albany) or tone things down with BYOB (Downtown Columbus). When you book with us, all you have to do is give us a little information about your holiday bash and feel free to kick back and have fun while we do the rest.

Get An Accurate Headcount

An accurate count of the guest list is essential when it comes to a party. You don’t want to under (or over) estimate how many people will be in attendance.  Staff only or are you allowing plus ones? Kids or no kids? In the end, the more you can prepare for the better!

Be as clear as possible when sending out the company notice to ensure your headcount is accurate. This ties into the bigger picture when it comes to how many axe throwing lanes to book, what location to choose, and of course, catering!

Plan Accordingly For Dietary Restrictions & Requests

We live in a very food-centric world. If you’re opting for catering (only the best bosses do), make sure to have your employees pass along any special diet requirements that your caterer needs to be aware of! Whether it’s a personal preference or a dietary restriction for health reasons, you want to make sure all of your employees have something they can eat and no one feels left out, especially if alcohol is involved.

Book Catering In Advanced

You can’t throw a company holiday party without food – it’s bad luck! Remember to have catering booked and ready to serve your team. Keep in mind that Dueling Axes does not have kitchens and thus, no food to order. However, we do have a few delicious dining options when it comes to Columbus catering companies:

  • SideBar Restaurant
  • Pecan Penny’s
  • Dirty Frank’s
  • The Walrus
  • The Eagle
  • Brassica
  • Marcella’s
  • Condado Tacos
  • Mellow Mushroom New Albany
  • CIty BBQ
  • Mikey’s Late Night Slice

Of course, this list isn’t concrete. When planning the party, it would be best to call your preferred restaurant before ordering to figure out their delivery capabilities.

Arrange For Transportation If Need Be

When it comes to transportation you want to make sure that everyone is on the same page and gets to every destination safely. For extra bonding, arrange for employees to meet at the office and shuttle or carpool to our axe throwing lounge. If employees choose to drive themselves or carpool, be sure that a designated driver has been appointed.

Getting to the party is always easy, but getting home safely is what we want to emphasize! If employees shuttle to the lounge, they can shuttle back, but make sure you encourage them to Lyft or Uber home if it’s not safe to drive, and even offer to cover costs to ensure everyone gets home safely. Need a helping hand planning your ride situation? Check out our Ride In Style/Throw In Style offerings.

Book Your 2022 Corporate Holiday Party Venue

If you can check off everything on this list, your holiday bash is sure to be a success and go off without a hitch! Not only can we help you with your holiday party, we can help you with the planning process. Dates are booking fast, book your corporate holiday party today!

2022 Sweetest Day Ideas Your Special Someone Will Love

2022 Sweetest Day Ideas Your Special Someone Will Love

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When Is Sweetest Day 2022?

Sweetest Day is coming up, maybe sooner than you think! This year’s Sweetest Day is October 15, 2022! Although it’s not as big as Valentine’s day, you should still take time out of your day to do a gesture, big or small, and let the person you care about know that you’ve been thinking about them. And Girls, you’re not exempt from this either, everyone should show their love some appreciation on this day.

And if this is the first you’re hearing about this holiday  or you completely forgot, Dueling Axes is the perfect last minute plan that your special someone will never forget!

Treat Your Sweet To A Day They Won’t Forget

Planning the perfect date can be stressful so keep your significant other on their toes this Sweetest Day with an unexpected activity: axe throwing. At first, it may not sound like the most romantic idea, but what’s more romantic than having fun and bonding over some axe throwing. Get ahead of the game and make a reservation online for either of our Central Ohio axe throwing lounges. Don’t forget to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time for some one-on-one training!

Match Your Vibe With The Right Lounge

Dueling Axes isn’t your typical axe throwing facility, we have 2 lounges that are designed to match your vibe. Our New Albany location has a full bar, so you can try our drink of the month and toast to your love or you can enjoy our Downtown location, BYOB and take shots of your favorite drink! Whichever vibe fits you best, Dueling Axes is the place for you.

Order In From Your Favorite Columbus Restaurant

Our locations don’t actually serve food, but we wouldn’t want a grumbling stomach to embarrass you on a date night with your boo, so we’ve got you covered! You can actually bring your own food or have your favorite restaurant deliver, we don’t mind!

Fuel date night with some grub from where you had your first date or if this just so happens to be the first date, this will give you some ice breaking conversation. Bonus points if you have the food delivered at the beginning of your reservation.

Competition Never Looked So Good

While the history of axe throwing does start with lumberjacks, Dueling Axes encourages you to dress in what you feel the most comfortable in, after all it is date night so we want you to be completely comfortable while axe throwing with your partner! Like we always say, no beards or flannels, required. However, if you want to get in the spirit and wear a flannel we can’t blame you, it is the perfect season after all. But if you’re not into that, just be sure to keep in mind that you will be throwing axes so just plan your outfit accordingly! We want you to look and feel good, but also be comfortable doing it.

Celebrating Sweetest Day Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

Make sure you visit Dueling Axes this Sweetest Day, so schedule online while our availability lasts, i mean who wouldn’t want to throw axes with the person that they love? So don’t procrastinate and miss out on the perfect Sweetest Day date. Keep the romance alive and don’t forget to pick up some flowers for your date on the way!

things to do in columbus

Unique Columbus Attractions You Need To Try

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Experience Columbus Day or Night

Columbus is an amazing city filled with things to do. There’s always something to do, a restaurant to try, a festival to go to, or a new activity to try! We know sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all the exciting things to do in the city but lucky for you we’ve got you covered! We stay in the know so you don’t have to. Learn about all the fun, unique Columbus attractions to try with family and friends this coming fall.

7 Fall Attractions You Won’t Want To Miss

As the capital of Ohio, needless to say that the amount of things to do is endless. It’s most famous for the Columbus Zoo and the Ohio Statehouse, but there are so many more fun things to do in Columbus, Ohio. Whether you’re a local looking for some fun or an out of towner looking to plan an exciting trip, the possibilities are endless when it comes to fun in Cap City.

fun things to do in columbus | dueling axes

  1. Shoot Your Shot At A Premier Axe Throwing Lounge 

Axe throwing is the relatively new activity that has taken the world (and Columbus) by storm and we know just the perfect place for you to try it! Dueling Axes is an axe throwing lounge that has everything you need to have a blast! You can drink, bring your own food or coordinate for it to be delivered, and their staff even teaches you how to throw your axe like a pro! Lucky for you there are 2 locations in the Columbus area. There’s one located in Downtown Columbus and another located in New Albany. Be sure to check out their website to reserve your lane and skip the line!

things to do this weekend in columbus | dueling axes

  1. Build Memories at LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Treat your inner child and visit LEGOLAND discovery center! This Columbus attraction is ideal for family bonding and ideal for all ages! They have so many different activities that would be perfect for you and your kids. You can take a tour of the LEGO factory to see how LEGO bricks are made, join the creative workshop led by their master model builder, go on the Kingdom Quest to rescue the princess, race your LEGO car and so much more!

best things to do in columbus ohio | dueling axes

  1. Tailgate For An OSU Football Game

You can’t live in Columbus and not be an Ohio State football fan! Grab your friends, throw on your OSU gear and head to Ohio State on a sunny Saturday to tailgate! Tailgating at Ohio State is truly an unmatched experience, but if that doesn’t sound like fun, you could always watch the game at a local bar. At Dueling Axes, we have your favorite teams facing off on the big screen every Saturday! Why not come out to support your team, after all, there’s no football fan like an OSU Football fan!

couples things to do in columbus ohio | dueling axes

  1. Get Outside & Explore Columbus Commons

If you’re looking for something more relaxing, try getting out and exploring the Columbus Commons! There are so many fun things to do from yoga classes, enjoying food trucks, riding the carousel with family, free concerts and so much more! Check out their website to take a look at the calendar and see which events you might want to participate in.

things to do in columbus ohio in october | dueling axes

  1. Try A Flight In The Brewery District

Visiting the Brewery District is a must in Columbus if you’re over 21! There are a series of beer bars, music venues, and restaurants for you to try! It’s perfect for a night on the town with friends! The Brewery District also hosts events so make sure to keep an eye on their website for things you want to try. Music, booze, and friends, what could be better?

fun things to do in columbus for adults

  1. See Your Favorite Band At KEMBA Live!

If you love listening to live music, Kemba Live is the perfect place for you! This concert venue is located in the Arena District of Columbus and operates year-round because they have indoor and outdoor facilities which makes it the best place to see your favorite band!

free things to do in columbus ohio

  1. Immerse Yourself In Culture At The Columbus Museum of Art

The Columbus Museum of Art is just what you need to wind down and relax after a long and stressful day or week at work. Located Downtown, it’s the perfect place to bring your family and immerse yourself in culture. You can host events there, participate in events and programs, or just come enjoy the art and exhibitions and it’s free on Sundays!

There’s Never A Dull Moment

As you can tell, Columbus is a city filled with thrill and excitement, you never have to be bored! Be sure to add all of these fun activities and places to your bucket list and make sure axe throwing at Dueling Axes is the first thing you try! Book your reservation now!

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